Sugar Bowl Cheerleader Preview -- #6 Ohio State v. #8 Arkansas

Another year, another BCS bowl game pitting Ohio State and a SEC opponent. Unfortunately for Buckeye fans, those match-ups haven't really gone as planned in the past. But this is a new team. I hate looking at past seasons to predict how a team will play. That just makes no sense to me. Instead, I prefer to look at just how distracted OSU's team will be. It's kind of a joke that these 5 guys are playing tonight, but I also think it's a joke to suspend them for 5 games for selling jerseys and rings.

Regardless, the biggest issue for Ohio State tonight is Ryan Mallett. Dude has a monster arm and the ability to throw for about 800 yards everytime he touches the field. If he can handle the pressure of the big game, then I think the Hogs pull this one out.



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