Chick-fil-A Bowl -- Tennessee v. Virginia Tech

I should be more excited about this game, but I'm not. Virginia Tech is just not very fun to watch (but I am starting to like the Ryan Williams kid), and I despise Tennessee now. I think Lane Kiffin is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with college football. So I hope he gets absolutely blown out in this game. I hope VaTech blocks like 4 punts and keeps sending the full rush. Go for the throat Beamer!

I just wish I had some pictures of the Orange Pride Hostesses.



Insight Bowl -- Iowa State v. Minnesota

The last of today's 3 bowl games featuring Big 12 teams is a doozy. Perpetual Big 12 doormat Iowa State travels to Arizona to take equally boring Minnesota. At least Minnesota was quasi-exciting when they had giant WR Eric Decker. But now that he's out for the season, I'm not sure why anyone would watch this game. I hope the Insight Bowl people are still happy they picked 6-6 Iowa State over an 8-4 Missouri team that thumped them head-to-head. Not that I'm bitter!



Texas Bowl -- Missouri v. Navy

So this is the only bowl in which I have a vested interest. Missouri is my team, and I make no bones about it. I'm definitely biased, but that doesn't mean what I'm about to say isn't true: Mizzou's Danario Alexander is the best wide receiver in the country! Let's compare him to Notre Dame's Golden Tate who won the Biletnikoff Award this year.

Yards:    Tate - 1,496        Alexander - 1,644
Catches: Tate - 93             Alexander - 107
TD:        Tate - 15              Alexander - 13

And let's not forget that Alexander's team went 8-4 (in what was supposed to be a rebuilding year) while Notre Dame went 6-6 and fired their coach. I'm just sayin! Do yourself a favor and watch Alexander and Co. blow the Midshipmen out of the water today.



Sun Bowl -- Oklahoma v. Stanford

The Sun Bowl features two teams that had, for most people anyway, very unexpected seasons. Okalhoma returns the Heisman Trophy winner, a sick running back and one of the best defenses in the country. And then proceeds to lay egg after egg. Obviously Sam Bradford was more important to this team than anyone realized.

Stanford, on the other hand, came into the year with a chance to have a pretty good year, but I don't think anyone realistically expected them to play this well. Plus, I guarantee you no one expected Toby Gerhardt to finish 2nd in the Heisman balloting when this season kicked off.

Regardless, here we are. I just don't see Oklahoma pulling this one out. I think they pack it up and get ready for next year.



Armed Forces Bowl -- Air Force v. Houston

Air Force in the Armed Forces Bowl, go figure. Unfortunately, I think Houston is going to be the team bringing all of the firepower. I don't know if they even have a defense, but their offense is just lights out. Air Force better prepare for an aerial attack today (OK, I'm done with the military references). This game does, however, allow me to bring back my favorite cheerleader we've had on this blog so far. She's the second Air Force hottie!



Holiday Bowl -- Nebraska v. Arizona

Do yourself a favor and watch Ndamukong Suh play his last game tonight before being a Top 3 draft pick in April. This dude is head-and-shoulders better than anybody else in college football. As a Missouri fan I have to hate him because he's a Husker, but I'd love to see him wearing a Chiefs uniform next year. He is just uber-talented. Unfortunately, the Husker O is putrid and could ruin this game for Suh. If Arizona can score any points at all, it will the best year in Tucson in quite a while.



Humanitarian Bowl -- Idaho v. Bowling Green

Who thinks playing a bowl game on December 30th in Boise, Idaho is a good idea? Anyone? Hell, I bet even Idaho & Bowling Green don't want to play this game. It's gonna be colder than hell and they have to play on that butt ugly blue field Boise State insists on keeping. What a dumb idea. Not to mention Idaho gets to play in it's own backyard. I bet the Bowling Green kids are really excited about this one.

That being said, Idaho has some surprisingly HOT cheerleaders. Too bad they'll be wrapped up in 6 layers of clothes on the sidelines.