Tennessee-Chattanooga Is Looking Better And Better

If this hot cheerleader is any indication, UTC might be a school on the rise.

April favourites

  1. Marcelle Vita-Lip Plumping Gloss in Rio Rose: doesn't really plump, but it's highly shiny.
  2. Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara in Very Black: my current HG mascara, but for how long? LOL. Read my review here.
  3. mark. Mist Opportunity Multi-Tasking Refresher Kiwi/Grapefruit: I'm not a fan of face mists, but I want to use this one up, so I use it as a toner.
  4. Annabelle Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette in Shooting Star: it's an amazingly pigmented eyeshadow palette but sadly, it was LE. If I knew that, I would have grabbed more colors! See my FOTD using it here.
  5. Avon Bascis Extra Hydration Face Cream: this cream totally saved my dry face! It's greasy, but it works! Read my review here.
  6. Annabelle Mineral Pigment Dust in Myth:my favorite shades among the new Mineral pigment Dust. Read my review here.
  7. Annabelle Mineral Powder Blush - Au Naturel: my first experience with a mineral blush. Read my review here.
  8. Annabelle Mineral Powder Bronzer - Terra: my first experience with a mineral bronzer. Read my review here.

Some Cheerleaders to Cheer Up Penn Fans

As much as I like to make fun of schools across the country when bad things happen to them, there's just nothing funny about the Penn football captain that recently died (looks now like it may have been suicide). So the only thing I can offer Penn fans is something wonderful that's come from their campus: cheerleaders.

Pics courtesy of The College Cheer Club.

NOTW + OOTDs + Wal-Mart haul

I had a calm week-end, as always. Saturday night, I went to Sara's house to have breakfast with her and some friends (we wanted to have a real breakfast in the morning but Sara couldn't, so we did it at night instead!) We ate eggs, toasts, bacon, beans, breakfast potatoes and breakfast sausages, and we drank smoothies. Yummy!

Friday and Sunday, I relaxed outside all day as it was warm and sunny. I read, painted my nails. Sunday, I ended the day by taking a bubble bath. I noticed that my father bought plain yogurt at the grocery store, but nobody eats plain yogurt in the family... I figured out it was a mistake so I decided to do a face mask with it. I will do a post about it soon!

Here, take a look at the bad sunburn I got on Friday (and a previous of the yogurt mask):

But not only did I got a sunburn, I also tanned a little - and I never tan usually!

Can you see the tan lines where my tee-shirt sleeves would hit? LOL.

For my NOTW, I searched through my mother's stash and discover a silvery nail polish without label. I used three coats to achieve the opacity I wanted as it contains more glitters than color:

with flash

without flash

I also painted my toenails with Annabelle Nail Enamel, but I have no idea of the name of the shade because my mother removed the label on the cap.

I'm really due for an at-home pedicure LOL.

I can't believe it snowed yesterday! And it was around 3°C... X_X

 Balou was almost begging to go play outside as he loves the snow so much, but he would have been all wet and dirty... Poor baby!

At least I let him go pee after his dinner =P

I shaved my legs during the weekend to be ready for shorts Monday, but although the day started warm and sunny, it ended breezy and cold. I wore sandals to school, but I'm glad I had pants and a vest on! As it was freezing and snowing Tuesday, I decided to wear my super warm leggings with boots (not sandals, this time LOL).

top: L'Aubainerie Entrepôt
cami: Stitches
leggings: eBay
boots: Giant Tiger

I also got my coupons by P&G and webSaver.ca in the mail yesterday.

What interested me the most was the $1 and $3 off any Clairol hair dyes (my favourite is Nice 'n Easy, and it's currently on sale for $5.98 at Wal-Mart) and the $1 off L'Oréal Go 360° Clean (I'm obsessed by the Scrublet!). 

If you don't know P&G brandSaver and webSaver.ca, you should definitely take a look. Sadly, the coupons are available to Canadian residents only.

So today I went to Wal-Mart to use some of those coupons before they expire (on June 21th, if I remember well?):

I got:

Clairol Nice 'n Easy in 123 Nautral Soft Black (left) and 131 Rich Dark Brown (right): I was a little lost because the look of the packaging was changed, but I figured out there wasn,t much of a difference between these two shades, so I decided to give a try to Soft Black for the first time.

123 Natural Soft Black (left), 131 Rich Dark Brown (right) 
with flash

123 Natural Soft Black (left), 131 Rich Dark Brown (right) 
without flash

Can you see a difference? I can't! (Please don't mind the red on the box on the left, it was a pink post-it reflected on the box)

Bonus pack of Pond's Dry Skin Cream (left) and Pond's Cold Cream (right): I actually cheated a little... We had the choice between three bonus packages: x2 Cold Cream, x2 Dry Skin Cream or x2 Deep Cleansing and Make-Up Remover, but as I haven't tried any Pond's cream before, I didn't wanted to buy two of the same product... so I ripped open two packages and exchanged products, and the cashier didn't notice LOL. I'm a real bad girl, I know =P But I'm happy because I've been looking for a cream cleanser for a long time now, and I also have dry skin, so I hope that Dry Skin Cream will works!

Topcrop Sun Crunch for Rat/Mouse: I usually buy the one for Hamster/Gerbil since it seems to contains more interesting things for my rat and my gerbil, but it was out of stock (as always).

Iams ProActive Health for Large Breed: We are supposed to feed the doggie wether ProActive Health Active Maturity Large Breed (because he is almost 11 years old) or ProActive Health Weight Control Large Breed (because the veterinarian says he is slightly overweight), but they are harder to find. Today, it's because the Active Maturity Large Breed was out of stock, and the Weight Control Large Breed wasn't on sale (the one I bought was a little less than $10 off). And anyway, Balou has been eating this one all his life.

This morning, I woke up to this:
Stupid snow! It's almost May! Go away!

I wore a scarf to go to school this morning, but when I came home around 1:00 PM, it was a little sunny and around 12°C. And look at the forecast for Friday to Wednesday:

(click to enlarge)

At least we will have some sun! Yey!

Here's my OOTD:
Barefoot! You can see my red toes (=

top: Stitches
cami: Jean Bleu
skinny jeans: Sirens

Balou loves the snow so much that he didn't wanted to stay inside! I let him go play in the little leftovers of snow. But the thing is, he didn't want to stay outside alone xD

I'm sorry, I chose the "compact" option by mistake, which lowers the quality to allow the video to be sent by email -_- I also tried not to talk because I hate my voice on camera xD Oh and I stopped the camera because Balou was about to poo LOL.

Oh yeah, and I have a little something coming up for you soon! Stay tuned! It's a surprise =P

UCLA Wins Women's Gymnastics Championship

Do you think they have cheerleaders at a women's gymnastics meet? Wouldn't that be a little insulting to the gymnasts? Just curious. Regardless, UCLA took the women's gymnastics crown this year. Here are some hot UCLA cheerleaders to celebrate.

Review: Annabelle Mineral Powder Bronzer


Price: $13.50 for 0.08 OZ / 2.5 g

The claims:
For a bronzed complexion that is free from the sun’s harmful effects! Especially formulated for sensitive skins, the Annabelle Mineral collection is perfect for creating a pure and healthy complexion without compromising your health. Offered in a shade reminiscent of naturally sun kissed glowing skin. Its texture is so light you’ll forget you’re wearing anything!

How to use:
Using a Kabuki brush (available in limited edition only) specially designed to be used with mineral powders, simply apply to the apples of your cheeks to get that natural, glowing sun kissed look! The A-12 blush brush is another excellent option for applying bronzing powder.


  • highly pigmented
  • contains very subtle shimmers for the perfect radiance
  • delivers the perfect coverage as it's easily buildable
  • great packaging for a drugstore product (it doesn't look cheap)
  • light, finely milled

  • only one shade available
  • as it is so pigmented, it's easy to overdo it
  • expensive!

What I think:
I'm still relatively new to mineral makeup, but so far, I'm loving it. This bronzer gives a natural glow to my face, but even if at first I thought the color was a little dark for my skintone, it's easily buildable, so it's not a problem. As it's so pigmented, I like that you don't need a lot of product to achieve the perfect look (however, it's easy to overdo it). However, I would have personally opted for a lighter shade, but there's only one available.


Recommend? yes


Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes, and the fact that it was free absolutely does not influence my opinion.