Arkansas-Little Rock Cheerleader

The squad as a whole isn't much to talk about, but the blonde is pretty darn hot.

University of Western Ontario Cheerleaders

Our first trip north of the border, and I gotta say, a mighty fine showing from our neighbors to the north.

University of Pittsburgh Cheerleader

IMG_2587, originally uploaded by fotoguy58.

Open your eyes sweetheart, you're on College Cheer Heaven!

Georgia Southern Cheerleaders

I'm starting to like these small colleges!

Missouri State Cheerleader Is Flexible

That could come in very handy.

Clemson Cheerleader Gets High!

IMG_0696, originally uploaded by stuckintrffc.

Looks like she's about 50 feet in the air. Nice.

Naval Academy Cheerleaders

IMG_2614, originally uploaded by fotoguy58.

Wait, the Navy has cheerleaders?

Sorority Cheerleaders

So they may not be my typical post, but they are college girls dressed up like cheerleaders and that's good enough for me.

UCLA Cheerleaders

I'll never get tired of these girls.

BYU Cheerleader

BYU Cheerleaders, originally uploaded by coachsingleton.

Very interesting view on this one.

Miami of Ohio Cheerleader

These pics aren't the biggest in the world, but she is super hot. Especially love her dressed up as the chick from Alladin.