Shopping: Avon & Mark

As an Avon independent sales representative, I get 10% off regular price on all products, but sometimes, they have some really great deal exclusive to reps, like this Mark starter kit that I got for only 18$ (it's worth 63$):

Snap To It Mezzo Custom Color Palette, including:
  • Good Glowing Custom Pick Powder Blush in after glo
  • i-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow in nomadic
  • i-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow in cake
Scanda-Lash Hook Up Mascara in blacklash, Glow Baby Glow Hook Up Lipgloss in peek-a-boo & a hook up connector

Mist Opportunity Multi-Tasking Refresher kiwi/grapefruit

That's Deep Purifying Cleanser sugar maple/black willow bark

I was waiting for the perfect occasion to try Mark products because I think they are a little expensive (well, more than what I'm used to pay for cosmetics or skin care), & it came! One of my friend told me they have the best makeup products. I can't wait to try them!

Another purchase I made is the Anew Clinical Advanced Dermabrasion System.

I got it for a little less than 25$, but today I realized I could have bought it for only 15$... anyway. The original price is 35$, so when I was it finally on sale, I couldn't wait anymore! So basically, this thing has four different levels. You use it on wet skin, just like a scrub, but no more than 2-3 times a week, & you have to wait two days between applications. You start with level 1 for 2 weeks, then proceed with level 2,3 & 4 using each for 2 weeks. After level 4, you let your skin rests for 2 weeks, then re-start the whole thing. I read a lot of reviews on the Internet before purchasing this product & most of them where really positive. I've been looking for a dermabrasion system for a while now, so I decided to give it a try. I tried level 1 today. It's very soft, just a little rougher than a regular scrub. I'll keep you up with my progresses.

Another UCONN Cheerleader

She looks like she's on a mission. Probably just looking for me.

Hofstra Cheerleader

I'm pretty sure this is Hofstra's 2nd appearance on the blog.

Michigan Cheerleaders

It's much easier when your eyes are open sweetie.

Michigan State Cheerleaders

Can't have Michigan without Michigan State. Plus, this girl is really hot!

Arizona Cheerleaders

Arizona cheerleaders., originally uploaded by EriQ..

The only reason to go to a parade.

Arizona Cheerleaders

Arizona Cheerleaders 11, originally uploaded by bootsauce.

Let's Go Wildcats!

Louisville Cheerleader Again

Here is a better pic, but I'm still on the hunt.

Louisville Cheerleaders

That blonde is hot. I need to find a better picture of her.

Oklahoma State Cheerleader

oklahoma-state-cheerleader, originally uploaded by imnatron.

Damn she's cute!

Eastern Washington Cheerleaders

What's in the water up there in eastern Washington? Maybe they should bottle that stuff up and sell it.