RIP Dorothé ♥

My dear Dorothé left for a better place yesterday.

I spent all day at the beach yesterday and when I came back, I noticed he wasn't moving when I entered my room. I immediately thought it was strange, because Dorothé was a super nervous rat; he would jump at any sound I would make!

I touched him and... he didn't moved. I was too scared to look at his face, not wanting to see his eyes wide open and lifeless... so I ran upstairs to tell my mother, crying.

She wrapped him in one of her old pajama and tied a ribbon on it. My boyfriend, my mother and I buried Dorothé with the flowers in front of our house:

He didn't seem sick or anything (I had two rats before him and they all died of tumors - which affect 70% of female rats), and he wasn't that old (I don't remember his age, but my gerbil is older than Dororothé). His death was really sudden, which didn't helpd me. I cried all night, but I'm glad my boyfriend was there to support me.

Dorothé was a shy and nervous rat, but once he was in someone's arms, he would calm down and often fall asleep. I had allergies but I didn't care. I would like to have another rat in the near future.

RIP Dorothé III ♥

Gorgeous Clemson Cheerleader Kat

This girl is easily one of the hottest college cheerleaders you will ever see. She's also a pole vaulter, and I think she all know how hot pole vaulters are. So sit back and soak in all that is Kat. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that there is a bikini pic!

Tag: "Would You Rather" + Miley Cyrus "Can't Be Tamed" + OOTD

I've been tagged by the lovely Fern for the "Would you rather" tag!


Be extremely beautiful or extremely intelligent?
- extremely beautiful

Go without brushing your teeth for a year or go without washing your hair for a year?
- go without brushing my teeth (there's always mouthwash!)

Be rich or famous?
- rich

Have an amazing shoe collection or an amazing makeup collection?
- shoes

Be able to sing or be able to dance?
- dance

Be stranded on a desert island or in the desert?
- desert island

 Have a computer or a TV?
- computer
Wear spots or stripes for the rest of your life?
- stripes

Drink out of a teacup or a mug?
- mug

Receive a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates?
- a box of chocolates

 Have a hug or a kiss from someone you love?
- hug

Wear Converse or stilettos?
- stilettos

 Meet Johnny Depp or Robert Pattinson?
- Johnny Depp

 Be a fairy or a mermaid?
- fairy (I wish I could fly!)

A coffee or a cup of tea?
- coffee
Pink nails or blue nails?
- pink

Live somewhere sunny or somwhere cold?
- sunny
Have an amazing house or an amazing car?
- amazing house (I want a ranch)

Be kind or funny?
- funny

Eat sweets or cake?
- cake

Hold a tarantula or a snake?
- snake

Wear a necklace or a ring?
- necklace

Laugh or smile?
- laugh

Be hated or be a hater?
- a hater

Wear pearls or beads?
- pearls

Lose your sight or lose your hearing?
- hearing

Have lots of money or lots of friends?
- money ( I only need a few good friends)

Love or be loved?
- be loved

Images are from weheartit and Google Images.

I love this song. Is it lame? I don't care. In my opinion, Miley Cyrus has such a unique voice, just like Avril Lavigne and Rihanna. Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely not into teen stars like Justin Bieber (I could punch him!) but I can recognize true talent. I only hope Miley will not turn into a slutty girl like so many did before her.

I'm supposed to go to Montreal with the boyfriend this afternoon. Here's my very simple OOTD:

cami: Forever 21
shorts: Stitches (old jeans I cut into shorts)
necklace: Avon
Sunglasses: my mom's

Jean-Coutu and Winners purchases + Mario Galaxy 2 + FOTN + OOTN + HOTN

Friday, I went to Jean Coutu to grab my pills, and, of course, I had to quickly browse the makeup aisle. I found those two mascaras on sale (both were around $2 off):

 Rimmel LYCRA Lash Extender in Black 001

Rimmel LashMaxxx in Exterme Black 003

My boyfriend bought me a box of Vector (because I always eat a bowl of those at his place) and... Mario Galaxy 2!

I spent 5 hours straight playing this game on Sunday LOL.

I loved Mario Galaxy 1, but it was to my boyfriend and his brothers and they decided to sell it for another game before I could finish it )= I'm already at World 3 in Mario Galaxy 2, and the feature I like the most is Yoshi, of course! I also love the fact that you can play with a friend who will be a Luma who follow Mario (you can't control her) and who can immobilize ennemies and even eliminate them. The Luma can also grab coins and star pieces. Sometimes, you can even play as Luigi! This game also appear easier than the first one so far, but it's a lot of fun!

Friday, my friend Stéphanie held a party in her house. My boyfriend suggested it would be cool to make it a cocktail night, so every one attending had to bring a liquor so we could make lots of cocktails. It was fun, but I think I prefer to stick to beer (cocktails tend to be too sugary). Here's my FOTN, OOTN and HOTN:

Annabelle Zebra Bronzing Powder - Haute Gold
Marcelle Minerals Powder Blush in Natural Glow
Joe Fresh Duo Concealer - Light
Annabelle Satellite Pearl Powder - Celestial Pearl 

Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara (used as eyebrow gel) 
L'Oréal ColorAppeal Trio Pro Hazel Eyes - Honey Brown
Maybelline Great Lash Blackest Black Curved Brush Mascara - Blackest Black

Vaseline (my lips always seem to be dry and irritated!)

cardigan: Stitches
white cami: Stitches
black cami: Simons
shorts: Stitches (old jeans I cut into shorts)
socks: Ardène

 I like to messily curl my hair with my flatiron to give it some volume when I go out.

Here are some randoms pictures of the party:

Oh yeah, one sad thing, though...

Sara accidentaly broke a wing of my ring (blame it on the alcohol!). I will try to fix it, but I'm not sure if it will do )=

Sunday, I went to Winners because the boyfriend needed some shorts. I didn't really need something, but as we were heading to the fitting room, I spotted a rack filled with pretty little prom dresses. I couldn't help but take a quick look (I needed a dress to attend my friend's wedding in August, after all!) and a super cute yellow dress catched my attention. At $24.99, it was such a bargain, so I bought it. Here it is:

It has cute ribbons in the back that you can tie in a bow, but I wasn't able to do so without help, so I didn't took a picture of the back of the dress. The back is made of stretch material, so I don't even have to were a bra (but I will LOL). There's also a zipper in the back.

I was thinking about getting this dress from H&M for the wedding:

But when I saw the one from Winners at $24.99 and exactly my size, I couldn't pass by!

I also spotted this super sexy dress that I wanted to try on just for fun:

I love the zippers! It's a dress made of stretchy denim with decorative zippers. I didn't buy it because I don't know where I could were it. It seems too sexy to go clubbing... It was also $24.99, so I was hesitant... I still don't know if I should buy it or not, but by the time I go to Winners again, my size will probably be gone -_-

Monday and Thuesday, I basically spent all day in the sun in my backyard in a swimsuit (with loads of sunscreen, of course!) hoping to get a tan. It was around 30°!


 My baby also got to play in the sun, but not for long, as he is used to A/C LOL.

My mother, who works at a local college's library, brought me those three books they just received:
I think I heard about those books (The Vampire Diaries) before, and the story looks similar to Twilight (which I'm absolutely NOT a fan), but I've started reading the first one and it's good so far. We'll see!