RIP Dorothé ♥

My dear Dorothé left for a better place yesterday.

I spent all day at the beach yesterday and when I came back, I noticed he wasn't moving when I entered my room. I immediately thought it was strange, because Dorothé was a super nervous rat; he would jump at any sound I would make!

I touched him and... he didn't moved. I was too scared to look at his face, not wanting to see his eyes wide open and lifeless... so I ran upstairs to tell my mother, crying.

She wrapped him in one of her old pajama and tied a ribbon on it. My boyfriend, my mother and I buried Dorothé with the flowers in front of our house:

He didn't seem sick or anything (I had two rats before him and they all died of tumors - which affect 70% of female rats), and he wasn't that old (I don't remember his age, but my gerbil is older than Dororothé). His death was really sudden, which didn't helpd me. I cried all night, but I'm glad my boyfriend was there to support me.

Dorothé was a shy and nervous rat, but once he was in someone's arms, he would calm down and often fall asleep. I had allergies but I didn't care. I would like to have another rat in the near future.

RIP Dorothé III ♥

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