Chick-fil-A Bowl Cheerleader Preview -- #20 South Carolina v. #23 Florida State

Today's final games matches 2 teams that lost their conference championship and are looking to put the finishing touches on satifying 10-win seasons. There was a time, albeit a very SHORT time, when the Gamecocks had much higher aspirations for this season. But following up their win over Alabama with a road loss at Kentucky thoroughly shattered those dreams. 10 wins is still a big milestone and one the team should be proud of. It's hard to root against a coach named Jimbo, though, so I think FSU pulls this one off.



Liberty Bowl Cheerleader Preview -- Georgia v. #25 Central Florida

If you had seen this bowl game match-up on paper at the beginning of the year I don't think you ever would have guessed that Georgia would be the 6-6 team. Then again, if Georgia was 10-3 like UCF, they probably wouldn't be playing in the Liberty Bowl. But alas, Georgia fell off big time this year and Central Florida had a surprisingly good season for a team that has started a redshirt freshman at QB most of the year.

Now the Knights are looking for their first ever bowl victory. We'll see if the Bulldogs have enough fight left in them to prolong UCF's bowl game misery.



Guest Blogging at Annabelle's Blog: Festive Leopard Print Nails

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Happy New Year!

Sun Bowl Cheerleader Preview -- Notre Dame v. Miami

This game used to be HUGE! Catholics v. Convicts was a massive college football game. In the '80s. Today it's a mid-level bowl featuring 2 teams that are shells of what they once were. Both teams are 7-5 on the season. There were times when 7-5 would have meant the end of the world in Coral Gables or South Bend, but it's pretty common place. Nonetheless, the game sold out in just 1 day, so apparently somebody still cares about these teams.



Meineke Car Care Bowl Cheerleader Preview -- South Florida v. Clemson

Clemson was damn near in a BCS bowl game last year. This year they are 6-6 and barely bowl eligible. This sounds more like the Clemson we've all come to know and love. By love, of course, I mean hate because they constantly set us with great potential only to underachieve year after year.

South Florida, however, actually probably overachieved under their first year coach. Unfortunately for Bulls fans it looks like they may be without their starting QB for the bowl game and may have to start a walk-on instead. That has to be scary for ANY fanbase.



Holiday Bowl Cheerleader Preview -- #18 Nebraska v. Washington

This might be the least anticipated bowl game of the entire season. Mainly because we've already seen this beatdown once already this season (and we'll see it again early next season). Nebraska absolutely dominated the Huskies when they played in mid-September and there is no reason to think they won't do it again when they meet in San Diego. Count me as one of many that has no interest in staying up late to watch this debacle.



OOTD: Should of known you was trouble from the first kiss, had your eyes wide open - why were they open?

Just a very quick and simple OOTD of my last day of Uni before the holidays. I think this is the outfit I will also wear on New Year's Eve.

Tunic: L'Aubainerie EntrepĂ´t
Leggings: eBay

Oh and I've been told I have J. Lo's butt in this tunic... I guess it's a compliment? LOL.

 Lyrics from Grenade, by Bruno Mars

Music City Bowl Cheerleader Preview -- North Carolina v. Tennessee

We've got a couple of big names in this game, and a couple of programs that had higher expectations for this season than the Music City Bowl (especially UNC). But that's what happens when half of your defense is on the take or your AD highers a guy that sticks around for an entire year before leaving in the middle of the night.

Actually, I'm kinda happy these teams are meeting in a middle level bowl. Seems a little justified.



Pinstripe Bowl Cheerleader Preview -- Kansas State v. Syracuse

I'm obviously a Big 12 guy, but I couldn't possibly care any less about this game. Nothing about K-State v. Syracuse excites me. Not even a little bit. I even had friends that went to K-State and I can't muster even a faint interest in this game. Maybe that's because it's being played in Yankee Stadium the day before New Year's Eve. Just sounds freakin' cold to me.