AVEYOU, Your Unique Beauty Boutique

Welcome To AVEYOU - Your Unique Beauty Boutique! We Hope You Enjoy Your Shopping Experience. 
We at AVEYOU understand that you want the best products for your unique needs, so we have put together the finest and most exclusive beauty and personal care lines at one boutique for you to fully experience and enjoy. Shop with AVEYOU to receive the most attentive and immediate service along with our much desired eco-friendly reusable shopping bag--- free with every order.

I was given the opportunity to test and review some products from this boutique on my blog. I spent countless hours browsing their website - they have such an amazing product selection! I think the site is relatively easy to navigate - you can browse products by type (appliances, hair care, cosmetics, skin care, etc), by brands (they have tons of brands! Smashbox, theBalm, Essie, Fusion Beauty... just to name a few!) or by price, which is my favorite way of shopping.

I placed my order on August 16, it was shipped on August 17 and I received it on August 23 - pretty quick!

My package was delivered by FedEx and everything was packed really tightly inside the box, covered by a thin layer of bubble wrap. No space wasted - I like that!

With every order from AVEYOU, you get a free eco-friendly reusable shopping bag. Included in my package was also a sample of Formula 10 VaRoom Lemon Brite Cuticle Remover and Nail Britener, a coupon for 15% my next order of $75 or more (GIVEME15) and a pink invoice.

Here's what I received:

The perfect dash of gaiety for every young girl. Stylish, lively, inquisitive, ironic and with a distinctive personality, Pink Sugar is a fragrance that evokes sensuality, gentleness and passion. 
A fabulous journey through fairyland, a sensual and joyful party, a vortex of optimism and fresh energy. A return to the pleasures and flavors of childhood. The name itself conjurs up the mouth-watering delights of the tale of Hansel and Gretel, all the sweetness on the tip of your tongue (.....and no horrible witch!) Pink Sugar, with a pinch of irony, is a fragrance for the skin, for the body, for the heart, dedicated to the most lively and joyful of women. By Pink Sugar; made in Italy.

Since I'm a big fan of sweet fragrances, I've always wanted to try this one, even though I've read mixed reviews on it.

When I first spritzed this fragrance on my wrist, I thought it was really sweet and fruity - it reminded me mostly of strawberries. When the top notes fade around 15 minutes later, the sweetness calm down and it smells very much like warm vanilla too me, maybe with a hint of musk and powder. It's still sweet but not too sweet,  and the mix reminds me of cotton candy. I'm not a fan of the dry down though - I don't even know how to describe it. It still smells of warm vanilla overall but there's a persistent smell of something... is it licorice? I don't know, there's a note that bugs me but I love this fragrance overall, it's not overwhelmingly sweet and I think it would make a great everyday perfume.

I personally think the staying power is pretty good, it lasted around six hours on me, even though I took a quick glance at the reviews on MakeupAlley and most people seem to complain about that it doesn't stay on long enough.

This orange glitter is not for the shy. CONTAINS NO DBP, TOLUENE, OR FORMALDEHYDE. Features OPI’s exclusive ProWide™ Brush (Patent Pending). Part of the 2010 OPI Burlesque Holiday Collection

OMG! I think I have found a new favorite nail polish! It's so sad that its beauty can't be truly captured on camera but it is simply stunning! Extra-va-vaganza! is described as an orange glitter nail polish but it's not just orange - you can also see green, silver, pink, yellow and even blue in it.

I think the wide flat brush is just perfect - you can almost cover your whole nail with one stroke. I like to apply three coats for the perfect opacity. Also, this nail polish dries really quickly and it lasted almost a week without chip, with a good topcoat.

The TS-2 Cone Style Stick Clipless Curling iron creates tight to loose curls! 
This tapered barrel clipless curling iron creates gorgeous curls that are long lasting and shiny! It's clipless or clampless design won't leave dents or ridges in your hair like traditional curling irons. With the TS-2 Cone Style Stick Clipless Curling iron you can curl your hair from root to tip. Create numerous styles due to it's unique cone-shaped barrel. You can achieve styles ranging from tight ringlet spirals to large curls and waves with one curling iron. 

  • 18-25mm (3/4-1 inch) tapered barrel

  • Heats up to 410 degrees F

  • Tourmaline coated barrel

  • Ceramic heated core

  • Far-infrared heat

  • 9 foot/360 degree tangle free swivel cord

I kept the best for last! Every since I have seen Alexandra's YouTube video on how she creates gorgeous curls with her Conair Infiniti You Curl, I knew I had to get my hands on a clipless curling iron. Now I can tell you - it really makes all the difference!

The TS-2 Clipless Curling Iron is very easy to use once you get the hang of it and I think it is much easier and quicker than curling your hair with a normal curling iron or even a flat iron. I swear, I was done in a little more than 5 minutes, and it was my first try! Just look at the before and after pictures:

What do you think? Not bad for a first try! And look at how shiny my hair is!

Please excuse the lack of makeup!

I'm seriously impressed! I love how you can easily create tight or loose curls or waves without having to worry about the ridges or dents.

There is only two minor things that could be improved on this iron - there is no variable temperature settings and there is no cool tip to rest your finger while you hold the hair around the barrel.

Be sure to have a look at the vast selection of products on the AVEYOU website and also "like" their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter!

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.

Kansas Cheerleaders Wish Basketball Season Was Starting

Because this is going to be yet another brutal football season in Lawrence. I don't expect the Jayhawks to win more than 4 games this year. And, honestly, that's being generous.

Guest Post: Get a Baby Soft Skin!

This post was written by Erum Faysal who is a herbal beautician and blogs regarding natural beauty tips on Caring Whispers. She also advises herbal products and remedies through herbs, fruits & vegetables. She believes that these remedies are very easy to follow but have great results. Only few things to do during your daily routines and you'll find yourself as you want to be.

You want a baby soft skin. Well here are the tactics to get it. Follow some simply easy steps and you can have a fresh, smooth and a baby like skin.

Most importantly, remember to cleanse every day. Cleansing the skin removes the layer of dead cell from the skin and stops the skin from breathing. Cleansing daily brings you closer to your goal of achieving baby soft skin. After cleansing you can always do moisturizing with essential oils.

Furthermore, there is a strict need to avoid all products which have harsh chemicals. You can always use products which have natural ingredients because they don’t harm the skin like the chemicals do. Products with natural ingredients can fulfill the requirement of essential minerals and vitamins which replenish the skin and maintain its hydration and ph level.

One essential step in getting a baby soft skin is applying of lotion or cream right after a shower or a bath. This is the time when the pores are still open and are most receptive for anything. So applying a lotion at that time will provide the skin enough nourishment required to keep the skin soft and smooth.

Sunscreens are very important in keeping the skin baby like. It’s recommended to apply the sunscreen at least 25 minutes before leaving home. Its advised to apply sunscreen every 4 hours if you tend to be out in the sun for most of the time. Sunscreens reflect UV rays which helps to keep your skin bright and fresh.

Interested in being a guest blogger? Please let me know!

Pictures are from weheartit

2 College Cheerleader Heaven Favorites Together in A Single Post

I got an email a week ago from a reader that blew my mind. He had already provided some great material when he sent me pictures of the wonderful Paulina from Fordham. Paulina was a great post, so I was excited when I saw him email pop up. But there was no way I could have been prepared for his newest revelation.

My faithful reader wanted to let me know that Paulina had an equally sexy friend that cheers for the University of Kentucky. Amazingly enough, she's been on College Cheerleader Heaven before too as a part of the Battle of Kentucky. Paulina's best friend just so happens to be Aubree.

Of course, our good friend was also kind enough to send us some wonderful photos of Paulina & Aubree together. Someone just earned himself a free lifetime membership to College Cheerleader Heaven!!!!

The Florida Cheerleaders Are Ready To Get This Season Started

ME TOO. Thursday night is the official opening of the season, and it can't get here soon enough. I think it's going to be a great season!

Soul Beautiful: Your One-Stop Shop for Silicone Enhancement and Bra Accessories!

Soulbeautiful.ca helps you enhance your natural beauty with the Soul Beautiful Silicone Enhancer Collection, fix wardrobe malfunctions in seconds with quick fix solutions, and convert any bra with the innovative Bra Strap Collection. 
“Haven’t we all ruined a night out fussing with a strapless dress or worrying our bra straps are showing? Soul Beautiful enhancers and accessories are designed to make women feel confident and arm them with the fashion tools to pull off any look,” says Christine Peters, Soul Beautiful President. 
We're women too, and at Soul Beautiful, we strive to line up the most unique, customizable, and affordable accessories to enhance any woman's wardrobe.

Let's be honest - who have never wanted to try "chicken cutlets"? I never really thought about purchasing some because I'm pretty happy with my push-up bras (sssh, it's a secret!), so when Joyce's email popped in my mailbox, I must say I was sceptical at first, but then I thought, "Why not?" I ended having fun playing around with their products!

Looking to create a natural oomph? The Regular Enhancers are made of a soft silicone material that will feel like your very own. Simply insert into your bra, adjust for fit and feel and walk out with a natural confidence!

  • Increase one cup size

  • Natural movement and feel

  • Creates a naturally fuller shape

  • Fits into any bra

  • One size fits all

  • Reusable and washable 

  • Affordable!

Having never tried "chicken cutlets" before, I didn't know what to expect from them, but I was actually impressed at how comfortable they are. Once properly inserted and adjusted, they stay put and won't budge at all.

They are very soft and I even forget I'm wearing them! I don't think they are quite comparable to my trusty push-up bras, but they do add some natural "oomph!". If you have a relatively small chest like me (I'm a B cup) and you are looking to create a natural cleavage and lift, I think you will be pleased with those. Because of that, I don't think you will have to wear these enhancers everyday to get away with it, which is a good thing.

If you wish for an even more fuller bust line, have a look at the Voluptuous and Super Voluptuous Enhancers. Afraid to make a too big statement? I suggest you go for the Demi Enhancer instead.

Going away on a beach vacation? Take these Bathing Suit Enhancers with you to give you natural support and volume in your swimsuits. Waterproof and reusable makes it the perfect beach essential.

  • Create natural lift, shape & cleavage

  • Provides support in bikini bathing suits

  • Detachable and waterproof!

  • Fits into bathing suits and bras

  • Clear to conceal into any skin tone or coloured undergarment

After my great experience with the Regular Breast Enhancers, I was expecting these ones to be just as awesome, but I was very disappointed.

They feel very heavy once inserted and they seem to drag down my bikini top, which is absolutely not comfortable! I won't recommend to go swimming with these because I would be afraid for them to fall (especially if you go playing in the waves). I think they are only good to stroll on the beach, and even then, I don't feel comfortable wearing them at all.

Another thing I didn't like is their shape. Instead of being more round/oval like the Regular Breast Enhancers, they have a triangular shape and the bottom is slightly curved inward to provide the push-up effect, which is uncomfortable and results in a not so natural lift.

I have also tried them in a bra and even though they are more comfortable than in a bikini, I still prefer the Regular Breast Enhancers.

Perfect and affordable solution to transform your own bra into the perfect racer back bra, while giving you extra lift and cleavage.

  • No need to buy a new racer back bra

  • Keeps straps hidden

  • Use with ANY of your favourite bras

  • Creates extra lift and cleavage

  • Comes in three colours to match w/ your outfits

This little thing is simply genius! I have never own a racerback bra and never really felt the need too, because honestly, I don't really care if my bra straps are showing, but there's those times when they are better hidden like for special events or when you simply want to look a little more pulled together.

The Strap Solutions do provide a subtle and natural lift and cleavage, but it's not comparable to what you get from the Regular Breast Enhancers or a push-up bra.

I like that they come in three colors to match your outfit or bra. They are relatively small and they don't bug me at all - I can barely feel them on my back once they are installed.

I should warn you though - I have only tried the Strap Solutions on an old bra that cost me $2.50 and that I don't really care about because I'm a little scared it could stretch or even break my favorite bras' straps. Also be sure to loosen up the straps to the maxium before installing the Strap Solutions, it's easier to tighten them after than before and it will prevent the straps from getting all stretched out.

Fashion Tape ($7.99 for 48 pieces)
A great quick fix tool to hold down gaping necklines and revealing clothing.

  • Fabric-friendly two-way tape won't ruin your delicate clothes

  • Cut to follow the curves of your clothing.

These little wonders are seriously incredible! For the purpose of this review, I put these tapes to the test with a tube top and I walked, run, jumped and danced all around the house and guess what? I was expecting my top to fall out anytime, but no - it did not budge at all!

I even tugged on my top and it didn't fall out! The Fashion Tapes are really sticky and you can definitely trust them to not fail you during a night out on the town.

These Fashion Tapes come in two styles in two sizes each, for a total of 48 pieces. Each tape is one time use and it is clear, thus completely undetectable under your clothings!

Now I will never be afraid of strapless top or bra anymore!

Convert any bra into a stylish new accessory and add a little shine to your outfit!

  • Converts any bra with detachable straps

  • Conceals look of exposed straps

  • Soft material make straps comfortable without causing irritation and added pressure on your shoulders

Let me put this straight - I have always hated those tacky clear bra straps. I mean, come on, just buy a good strapless bra instead!

Don't expect these bra straps to be invisible - they aren't. You can clearly see they are made of plastic and they just look... tacky. I can't find another word to describe them. And those little blingy hearts... yes they are cute but come on - on a bra straps, really?!

Yes they are comfortable, but this doesn't justify their tackyness (is this even a word?). If you don't have a proper strapless bra, just wear a normal bra - or no bra at all and rely on the Fashion Tapes!

View the complete Soul Beautiful collection at www.soulbeautiful.ca and follow them on Twitter @SoulBeautifulCA and on Facebook for the latest style tips, news and contests!

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.

Mizzou Golden Girl Kelsey

I've had some traffic from the Mizzou Rivals site for some reason today, so I thought I'd honor that traffic by highlighting an adorable Golden Girl named Kelsey. She might not be drop dead gorgeous, but I think she's just cute as hell.