LUSH Satsumo Santa Bath Bomb

Brighten up dark winter days
Fans of Saint Nick don't need to impatiently wait out the days at LUSH. Our Satsumo Santa Bath Bomb has refreshing mandarin and bergamot oils to make the dark days seem brighter and orange blossom absolute to send your mind off to warmer lands.

    As this bath bomb is big, I decided that I would use it for more than one bath, so I let it fizz for around 20 seconds then took it out. To my surprise, the bath was already colored pink, and the bath bomb was still big! I bet I can use it for up to 2-3 more baths.

    I let it fizz for around 20 seconds...

    Look at what's left after only 20 seconds of fizzing. Impressive!

    I was so excited to hop in the bath after seeing how gorgeous the water was! I mean, who could say no to a pink bath (OK, well, more orangey-red)?

    As soon as I entered the bath, I instantly felt my skin being smooth and moisturized. It was amazingly silky! After the bath, I could really feel my skin being nourished, and I couldn't believe that the dry patches of skin I had on my elbows were almost all gone - and that's not a light statement, having struggled with eczema almost all my life.

    The only downside is that the delicious fruity and fresh scent is very subtle and wasn't strong enough to linger in the bathroom or on my skin after the bath, but I'm used to such disappointment with bath products in general.

    Satsumo Santa is only available during Christmas season at LUSH stores and for $4.95 for 180g. In my opinion, this is pretty pricey for a bath bomb, but so are most LUSH products anyway. At least you can use it for a few baths.

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