Shopping: Dollar Tree & Kmart

I was in Wildwood NJ for a whole week (July 22 - 29) and while I lounged on the beach mostly all day, I was very excited to explore stores we don't have here in Canada, like Dollar Tree (where everything is $1 or less!) and Kmart. I picked up some goodies but I'm pretty proud of myself as I didn't spend too much. Yey!

Assured Body Powder Medicated Triple Relief Formula $1 Before going to Wildwood, I developped big red rashes on my thighs and I have absolutely no idea what it was or how I developped this reaction. It was just so itchy, I had to buy some cream or ointment to calm the itchiness. I came accross this medicated body powder containing menthol, which quickly calmed the itchiness - but only temporarily.

Natureplex Hydrocortisone Cream Maximum Strength $1 This cream is supposed to temporary relieve itching associated with minor skin irritations, inflammation and rashes, and I've been told that hydrocortisone creams are great to calm eczema flare-ups, so for $1, I thought, why not? I also used it on my rashes and it helped a little. The tube is very small and I feel I will use it very quickly, but I guess you get what you pay for.

Premier Heel Grippers Sponge Rubber $1 I always have a hard time finding shoe insoles that really work and won't slip away after only two uses. I have found that gel insoles don't work really well for me so I decided to give these rubber ones a try and so far, I'm impressed!

Icy Breeze Breath Spray Spearmint $1 I remember when these breath sprays were the big thing somewhere around elementary school and high school, except that they were not really designed to refresh your breath back then - they were fruit or candy flavoured. It's a great thing to keep in your handbag, and I find it works better than chewing gum to refresh your breath.

Max Block SPF 30 Baby Sunscreen Lotion with Aloe Vera $1 If it's good for babies, I guess it couldn't be bad for me?

Banana Boat Ultra Defense Sheer Protect SPF 50 $1 On my way out of Dollar Tree, I spotted this rack full of sunscreens and wow, SPF 50 for only $1?! I haven't tried Banana Boat products before but if I believe the hype, they should be great.

Glo Women's Jayden Patent Platform Pump - Blush on sale for $19.99 I always wanted nude heels because they are just so classy and they go with everything but I was waiting for a great deal - and I found one! I love that these heels have an "hidden" platform, it makes them much more comfortable, and it makes the 4 1/2" heel more bearable (:

Glo Women's Marbella Chain Demi Wedge - Black on sale for $14.99 I am absolutely in love with these shoes! They are called demi wedges which I think is strange because they look more like gladiator sandals to me... But OMG, I mean, just look at them! I have nothing similar in my closet so they instantly catched my attention when I saw them on the clearance rack and guess what? It was the only pair left! I can't believe my luck! They are super comfortable, and the chains and zippers... ♥

Before I forget, let me announce the winner of my Hold Me Bag giveaway...

Anne-Julie! Congrats!

Didn't win this time? Don't worry, you have until midnight to enter my Veet giveaway!

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