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I absolutely hate going shopping for clothes - yes, I'm weird like that. I don't know, I don't think it's fun to have to battle with crazy people in a crowded store to find the right size for that piece of clothing you really want/need and ending up being disappointing because that perfect pair of jeans doesn't fit or because your size isn't available.

I think it's especially hard to shop for jeans or pants in general because you have to try them on as the sizing varies from one store to another - I don't know for you but I don't have this problem with tops because I usually go for X-Small or Small - not to mention that I swear by skinny jeans and I won't wear any other style. I think it's the style that compliments my figure the most, but I like my skinnies to be really tight and fitting, which is another thing to consider when going shopping.

I recently went to Montreal with the boyfriend and I really needed some new pairs of jeans because I have only two left that still fit, so I decided to have a look at my favorite inexpensive clothing stores, Sirens, Stitches and F21. Nothing really took my fancy at Stitches and F21, but I was especially drawn to Sirens because they had a promo on all jeans: buy one get one 50% off.

I picked up two pairs of Victoria by Sirens Super Skinny Super Low Rise in size 3 and surprisingly, they both  fit really well! I tend to be super picky with skinny jeans because most of the time, they will fit great at the waist but they will be too lose on the leg, or the opposite - but these are just perfect! They were both $20.00, and with the 50% off, I ended up paying only $34.18 - total bargain!

This pair is my favorite! It's perfectly curve hugging and stretchy and the color is perfect. I also love that the legs are pretty long.

Although both pairs are the same style, this one is sightly less tight, the legs are a little shorter and the color is darker. I usually prefer my jeans on the pale side, but as long as it's not a uniform deep navy blue, it's okay.

I also totally forgot about their other promo: you receive a free 14g sample of Lady Speed Stick Fresh Infusions and a $1 off coupon with your purchase at any Sirens in Canada (ends September 4). I received my sample in Strawberry Splash which smells absolutely yummy and is the perfect size to keep in my handbag.

Another thing - if you plan to go shopping at Sirens, don't forget to print your $5 off coupon towards your next $25.00 purchase (exclusively for Facebook fans), which expires on August 31. I forgot to print it but I don't think I could have used it anyway because it can't be used in conjunction with any another promotion.

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