Adorable Auburn Cheerleader

Adorable is really the only word I can use to describe her. I just want to roll her up in a ball, put her in my pocket and take her home with me. That's not creepy, right?

Absolutely Stunning Oregon Cheerleader

I promised another smokin' hot Oregon hot cheerleader a couple days ago, so now I'm here keeping that promise. And I don't think I over-sold it. This chick is just drop dead gorgeous!

Week 4 Winners -- Stanford

Let's be honest, we all saw this one coming. No way Washington pulls off the biggest upset in the last decade of the program, gets ranked and then comes out the next week and wins on the road. Not even at Stanford. I mean, even these girls knew Stanford was going to win this game.

Week 4 Winners -- South Florida

south-florida, originally uploaded by imnatron.

On the road against a Top 20 team the week after you lose your senior QB for the year? No problem when you have cheerleaders this hot.

Week 4 Winners -- Virginia Tech

I guess The U finally met their match. Just like these pants have met their match.

Week 4 Winners -- Oregon

oregon-cheerleader-abs, originally uploaded by imnatron.

Well, look who finally played up to their potential. Luckily, the Ducks' cheerleaders ALWAYS play up to their potential.

The Oregon cheerleaders might be the hottest squad in college football. They've already made two appearances here and here. And there is another gorgeous babe yet to come.

Week 4 Winners -- South Carolina

Fired Up, originally uploaded by justinb2009.

Yes Ole Miss was VERY over-rated. But South Carolina still beat a Top 5 team. And I beat this cutie was VERY happy about it.

Week 4 Winners -- Iowa

Hawkeye Pom Pom Cheerleader, originally uploaded by jmurphpix.

Like her football team's upset of #5 Penn State this weekend, she may not be the cutest, but she certainly gets the job done. Look at the booty!

University of Texas Cheerleaders

Any cheerleaders that wear chaps are fine by me.

Found these, and more, over at Don Chavez. If you've never read his stuff, do yourself a favor and start now.

Week 3 Winners -- Oregon

I usually make some comment about the game here. But this girl is so hot it just seems worthless to spend any time talking about football.

Week 3 Winners -- Virginia Tech

Maybe they didn't deserve to win, but they still pulled it out and beat those damn Huskers

Week 3 Winners -- Washington Huskies

_MG_2390, originally uploaded by ProjectEnvision.

The BIG winner of the weekend. Knocked off the mighty USC Trojans at home on a late field goal. Good for you.

Week 3 Winners -- Florida State

I really need Florida State to be good this year. There are just so many HOT FSU cheerleaders to share.

Week 3 Winners -- Miami

Miami @ Duke, originally uploaded by camnlo4130.

OK, so maybe I was wrong a couple of weeks ago. Maybe Miami is for real this year. This lucky little kid sure hopes so.