Week 13 Winners -- Mississippi State

The basketball team may suck, but at least the football squad pulled off a big win against in-state rival Ole Miss Saturday. If nothing else, this game proved just how over-rated Ole Miss was at the beginning of the year. They started the season in most "experts" top 5 and they are going to finish the season unranked.

Week 13 Winners -- Oklahoma

Another disappointing season for a big time program ends with an upset of the hated in-state rival. This game had even bigger implications, though, because this loss almost certainly knocked Okie Lite out of a BCS bowl game. Way to go Sooners, you couldn't get the BCS yourself, but you were good enough to keep OSU out. I guess that's almost the same thing.

Week 13 Winners -- Georgia

Another big rivalry game, this one is for state-wide bragging rights in the state of Georgia. And the Bulldogs pulled off a big upset by taking out #7 Georgia Tech. It may be a disappointing year in Athens, but at least they beat those damn bumblebees!

Week 13 Winners -- West Virginia

This week was Rivalry Week in college football and plenty of games lived up to the billing. The Backyard Brawl between West Virginia and Pittsburgh was certainly one of those games. WVU kicked a 43 yard field goal as time expired to knock off the #9 Panthers. This is exactly why rivalry games are so much fun.

Shopping: Giant Tiger

I'm a total fan of Giant Tiger! They always carry nice clothes at an amazing price. Here are my purchases from last weeks:

If I remember well, the animal print and the pink tops (it even comes with a pretty necklace!) were 12$, and the black one was on sale for 7$. What a bargain!

Arkansas Has Cheerleaders At Baseball Games?!?

Seems a little strange to me, but I like it all the same. I might have to do a little more "research" on this baseball cheerleaders thing. Don't worry, I'll share whatever I find.

Alabama Cheerleader Elena

Today is the Annual Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn. I don't really have a dog in this fight, but I've had plenty of Auburn cheerleaders on the blog before.

So today I thought I'd go with The Tide for a couple of reasons. First, Elena is damn hot. That's really the only reason I need. But I'd also like to see a Florida-Alabama SEC Championship game as a defacto BCS National Championship Semi-final. Of course, I'm a nerd like that.

Texas Cheerleaders Wish You A Happy Thanksgiving!

They may be cheering their Longhorns on to victory and a possible BCS Championship Game berth today, but the hotties in chaps really want to make sure that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Eat lots of turkey, watch lots of football and, as always, enjoy the cheerleading scenery.

Beautiful Air Force Cheerleader Makes a Return

I absolutely LOVE this girl, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I posted another picture of her last month and just recently found 2 more. If there are any more pictures of her floating around out there, please let me know.

As a side note, her little friend is damn hot too!


Cameron University Cheerleader Melissa

If you can't tell, I really like finding pics of cheerleaders from tiny schools no one has ever heard of. I think Cameron University definitely falls into that category.

Cameron is a small 4 year university in Lawton, OK. Unfortunately, there's really not a whole lot more to say about the school. Last year it celebrated it's 100th anniversary, but that's old news (please pardon the pun). And the only notable alum I could find was former NBA player and coach Avery Johnson. Now that's exciting.

On the bright side, Melissa here is pretty darn cute. So she might some day be the 2nd most famous Cameron University alum!