Review: Avon Solutions Winter Moisturizing Mask

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Price: 6$ for 50 ml/1.7 fl. oz

The claims:
Replenish winter-weary skin in minutes with this viatmin-infused super-hydrating mask. Fortified with Vitamins A, C, and E, it immediately moisturizes ans retexturizes skin.
Ingredients: go here and just below the picture, click on "Ingredients".

How to use:
Apply after cleansing. Smooth mask generously over face and neck, avoiding eyes. Wait 10-15 minutes. Rinse or tissue off. Use as needed.
See how light it is?

  • smells fruity, but I can't tell which fruit exactly. Maybe apricot... 
  • the texture looks nice at first, but once applied on the face, it is too light for a mask.
  • this product is a mess to remove! I wouldn't recommand to tissue off this product because it leaves residues behind. Even when rinsing with water, it took me a while to remove all of the product!
  • not moisturizing enough, and it doesn't "immediately" moisturizes
  • didn't notice any retexturization in my skin
  • this product doesn't seem to want to sink into the skin!
What I think:

Overall, I'm really disappointed by this product. It's a big FAIL. Even after using it for several weeks, I haven't notice improvment in my skin condition.
Recommend? no


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