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Friday, I received the ring I bought from a shop named Plastic Couture on Etsy. I love this website! Even when you aren't looking for anything in particular, something will catch your eyes. Not to mention that it's nice to support handmade arts and crafts.

I bought it for $7.50 USD ($5.00 + $2.50 in shipping fees).

If I remember right, I bought it on May 2th and it was shipped on May 3th. It took around 2 weeks to arrive.

It came in a little box with a cute bow ^^

Description (from here) :
Please note this is a toy ring with gold or silver plated over metal. Please do not buy if you are looking for great quality.

Choose from silver or gold, just let me know in "message to seller box" when checking out. ^_^

Adjustable, fit size 5 to 8 best.
Excuse my weird looking fingers, I have eczema on them -_-

I saw this ring on another blog (I don't remember which one) and I knew I had to have it! I'm not big on jewelry, but I'm a sucker for everything shaped in angel wings. And it was only $5! How could I resist?

I finally got my grades today! I'm happy, I think I did pretty well!

Sorry for the bad quality of the screenshot, but overall, I got nothing below B! Yey! I must mention that I'm surprised though, because I didn't study that much... I'm not the kind of girl who does nothing else than study. I'm simply not able to turn down invitations to go party LOL. But of course, I get serious for exams =P

Asa a reward for my good grades, my mother got me some goodies:

Alpen Secrets Moisturizing Shea Butter Body Cream:
This nutrient rich body cream absorbs quickly leaving skin soft, smooth and lightly scented.  Its special formulation with shea butter, soy bean oil, and the natural goodness of goat milk help to deeply pamper the skin from head to toe.  Perfect for use after shower, bath or just about anytime you want to feel soft and re-hydrated.
Luster Shower Gel Vanilla Blossom: There's no description on the label of the product, and I couldn't find anything on the Internet. This was on sale for $0.99, so maybe it is being discontinued?

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