Guest Review: False Eyelashes from KKCenterHK

*This is a guest review by my mother.

About KKCenterHK:
Professional false eyelashe and wigs supplier at wholesales price direct online. Our prices are lower than all online store that you could find. 

  ES A22

Price: $2.80 for a lot of 10 pairs

Price: $2.30 for a lot of 10 pairs

The claims:
  • Black Luxuriant Natural Lashes
  • Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And Attractive
  • Can Be Re-use If You Take Them Off Carefully
  • False Eyelash With Box Package
  • Box Size : 182mm X 90mm X 17mm
  • Suitable For Any Personage
  • Can Be Used Party Or Professional Make Up

How to use:

 The English is a bit... strange, but you get the idea.
  • inexpensive (you get 10 pairs for such a nice price!)
  • re-usable
  • easy to remove

  • too dramatic for everyday wear
  • uncomfortable (feel heavy)

What I think:
First of all, it's important to mention that I have never ever used false eyelashes before, so please excuse the messiness and the far from perfect pictures, as I had a pretty hard time putting them on.

When I was asked to choose a model of false lashes to review, I was overwhelmed by all the choices I had, so I decided to go for a natural look, but I was quite disappointed because those lashes look far from natural. They would be great for a night out but they look too dramatic for everyday wear (to me, at least). However, maybe with a little trim, they would be more wearable.

I was also disappointed at how heavy both models of false lashes felt on my natural lashes.

The good thing is that you get 10 pairs of re-usable false lashes for less than $3, and I don't hink I've seen such a low price anywhere else.

I would recommend those lashes anyway because they appear to be of great quality for such an amazing price, and I don't want this review to be biaised only because I'm a false lashes noob. I'm sure these lashes would look better with practice, but I already knew that false lashes weren't for me.

Recommend? yes

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Price: $4.27 for 12 g

The claims:
  • Perfect For Make Double Eyelid And EyeLash
  • Black Color Glue
  • Stronger Glue
  • Net Weight : 12ml Per Bottle
  • Suitable For Any Personage
  • Easy Use & Back Down
  • It Dries In Seconds

How to use:
Please clean your eyelids first. Then apply a moderate amount of the gel on the false eyelashes. Paste the false eyelashes onto a suitable position on your eyelashes.

  • dries fast

  • doesn't hold the lashes well
  • hard to remove

What I think:
As I said, this is my first experience with false lashes, and so, with lash glue, so I can't compare this glue to another, but for a newbie, I don't think a colored glue is great because I only ended up with a black mess all over my lids. But I agree that it could be useful to double up as an eyeliner if you are used to putting false eyelashes on.

This glue dries pretty fast, but I find it doesn't hold the lashes well, as both ends of the lashed kept falling off.

Recommend? no

Rating: ★★☆☆

I would definitely recommend checking out the wide variety of false eyelashes on KKCenterHK, and if you are interested, they also carry wigs, hair extensions and even makeup, Essie and OPI nail polishes at such cheap prices!

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Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.

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