Fiesta Bowl Cheerleader Preview -- Connecticut v. Oklahoma

Earlier we talked about what may be the best BCS bowl game of the season. Now we get to talk about what should undoubtedly be the worst BCS game of the season. No one, and I mean no one, wanted to see UCONN in a BCS bowl game. Unless this is women's hoops (OK, maybe men's hoops too) there is no reason for UCONN to be competing at the highest level of any sport.

That being said, this is Oklahoma we're talking about. The same Oklahoma that got beat by Boise State in this very same stadium just 4 years ago. So that at least gives folks enough pause to think there could be an upset here. But I'm not buying it. For all of his faults, Bob Stoops is not going to lose another embarrassing BCS bowl game. It's just not going to happen.



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