Cotton Bowl Cheerleader Preview -- #17 Texas A&M v. #11 LSU

Thank God we can get back to the real games now. The Cotton Bowl is traditionally a New Year's Day bowl game, but since this is the 75th edition of the game, I think the game's organizers wanted to move it back and have a night all to themselves. They also went out and got a couple of good teams to play (though Mizzou fans are still a little miffed about being passed over for a team with a worse record that they dominated on the road).

Regardless, this should be a good game if LSU's offense can actually move the ball. Luckily for the Tigers, A&M doesn't really have the greatest defense of all time. I'm actually looking forward to this game. The Big 12 has not had a good bowl season, so I'm really rooting for the Aggies to pull one out for the conference.



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