Mail of the Week (January 24 - 28)

My prize from Softlips Canada Facebook sweepstake: I was one of the 5 lucky winner of  a Softlips Sweet Ravishing Raspberry Moisturizing Lip Balm! It smells great, like real raspberry, not a cheap chemical scent. I'm not sure if I will be able to use it though because I still don't know which ingredient exactly makes my lips react (I get rashes and my lips burn). So far, I've stuck to natural lipbalms just to be sure, but I'm missing on some many great lipbalms because of this!

Coupons from TRESemmé: A while back ago, I filled out a survey on TRESemmé products and they said the reward would be $5 coupons. I guess I didn't understand because I was expecting a $5 coupon to use on any product, but no, I received three coupons to use on three different products! I'm a little disappointed because I'm not sure I will use them )=

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