Mail of the Week (January 17 - 21)

 February issue of Cosmopolitan: Ever since I saw her in That 70's Show, I've drooling over Mila Kunis. Isn't she gorgeous? And what a bout that dress?

 Free pens from Rubbermaid: A while back ago (in September, if I remember well), I received an offer to try 3 Rubbermaid pens for free. You could choose whcih ones you wanted to try, and here's mine:
  • Uni-Ball Jetstream in Red
  • Sharpie Pen in Blue
  • Liquid Paper Correcting Tape DryLine Grip

Unfortunetaly, because of an over whelming demand for their samples, supplies have been exhausted. 

 Coupons from and P&J brandSaver

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