Thank you France!

One of my mother's friend, France, is moving and so she is giving away some of her stuff - including clothes - she doesn't want anymore. I haven't really took a look at all of her clothes yet, but my mother showed me two pieces she knew I would like:

Actually, those are the same model (Demanding by Say What? Short sleeves cardigan) in two different colors. I love them! Thank you, France!

But that's not all! She is also getting rid of her Celebrity refrigerator and her patio chair. My father thought the fridge would be a perfect fit for my room... and it did! And the patio chair was also for me, as I told my mother it would be nice to have one to read in the sun (=

 This will be mainly a beer fridge LOL.

 Miller Chill

 Oh and I also stored my nail polishes in it (=

 Me enjoying the patio chair (I'm reading Lipstick Jungle)

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