My first permanent epilation experience with intense pulsed light (IPL)


I had my first permanent epilation experience last week. 

I was talking with my mother about using laser to get rid of my underarms hair for some times now, but we never really searched for a good clinic. My mother went for her annual medical check-up last week and she realized there was an Epiderma clinic in the same basement as her doctor's office. So she stopped by to get some infos, and she told me that the laser air removal treatment for underarms was $555. Epiderma operates the most extensive network of hair removal clinics in Quebec with several hundred affiliates already established in all major cities of the province. It is the most known name regarding permanent hair removal, so of course, it was one of the most expensive. 

Don't get me wrong, $555 is a pretty neat price to pay to not have to deal with those unwanted underarms hair for the rest of my life, but my mother continued her researches, and she found something even greater.

While surfing on the Internet, she found the Clinique Aqua website (sorry, it's all in French). What is great is that there is a clinic in Boisbriand, which is the city right next to ours! So my mother immediately called for infos, and she explained everything to me. 

The people of Clinique Aqua don't use laser, they use the newest technology called intense pulsed light (IPL) - which removes hair up to ten times faster than the laser, and is less painful - and they have a promotion going on: $29.99 for each session (the average is 6 to 10 sessions). Let's pretend I would need 10 sessions: the whole treatment would cost me only $299.99! That is totally insane!

See for yourself what IPL can do:

My mother and I went for a consultation the same day, and we had our first session. I'll be honest: it's not totally painless. The technician told me it would be like if I'd be pinched by an elastic... I'm not sure if the comparison is exact, but let me tell you: it burns! She explained to me that the pulsed light burns the hair, but immediately after, the machine cools down, so the burning goes away. It's not something you can't handle, but it's a little surprising. My mother really disliked it, and she told me she couldn't imagine having the entire legs done that way LOL. 

Back home, I didn't notice any redness, and my underarms were not really painful.

One sessions costs $33.85 with taxes, thanks to the promotion. I already have my next appointment scheduled for September 8. I can't wait! =D


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