FOTD & OOTD: Geneviève & Donald's wedding

Saturday, my friends and I gathered together to celebrate our friends Geneviève and Donald's wedding, and I wanted to share some pictures with you.

The wedding was celebrated in a church somewhere in Laval, but I don't remember which one it was. The reception was held at Buffet Il Gabbiano, which is where my friends and I celebrated our prom!

Unfortunately, I absolutely didn't have the time to snap some close-up pictures of my makeup, but it was a basic gold and brown smokey eye - just like I always do (=

 The bride and the groom

We have known Gen since high school, so it's great to still be in touch with her and to have the chance to be with here in this very special day. Donald is also a great and funny guy!

I got this dress from Winner for only $25! 

 I tried to find pictures of the back of my dress, and those are the only ones I found.

Strapless dresses are so annoying, but I couldn't resist this one... especially in this color! I also wore some bracelets and earrings (the same the bride wore!) that I borrowed from my mother, along with a simple necklace I got from Etsy. I wanted all the attention to be on the dress!

Véro, Gen, Sara and me before entering in the church.

With the girls, agai

With my other friend Gen (who reads my blog - Hi Gen!)

With Sara

 With my boyfriend

 The cake! Yummy ^^


And these are the only pictures I found where you can - almost - cleary see my makeup:

Avon SuperExtend Mascara - Black
Annabelle Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette - Shooting Star
Annabelle Glitterama Liquid Eyeliner - Funshine (upper lash line)
Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Singles - Vanilla (highlighter)
Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner - Onyx

Annabelle Zebra Bronzing Powder - Haute Gold
Marcelle Minerlas Powder Blush - Natural Glow
Annabelle Satellite Pearl Powder - Celestial Pearl

Mary Kay SignatureLip Gloss - Pink Diamonds

For my hair, I went for the usual loose waves. At first, I wanted to curl it with a curling iron but I ran out of time. Next time, maybe?

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