Shopping: my prescriptions from Jean-Coutu

I went for my annual medical check-up this week, and these are the prescriptions I ended up with:

Protopic Tacrolimus Ointment, 0.1% 30g (for my eczema)

Taro-Clobetasol Propionate Ointment USP 0,05% p/p 50g (for my eczema)

Pms Desonide Cream 0.05% 15g (for my eczema)

Hydroxyzine 10 mg capsules (to calm down the itchiness caused by eczema or allergies I may have)

 Clotrimaderm 1% (I have dry skin that itches at the corner of my lips)

Nasonex Aqueous Nasal Spray (for my allergies)

So yes, when I went to pick up all of those at my local Jean Coutu, the pharmacist was kind of laughing at me LOL. She was like "You've got a lot of eczema, don't you?". Well yes, and I also have allergies or something that prevents me from breathing with my nose -_- Anyway, I hope all of those creams and ointments will finally get rid of my eczema!


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