Mail of the week (August 9 - 13)

Sample of Wet Synergy + $1 off coupon

My prize from Celly's giveaway:
  • Superstar Nail Lacquer in Remember Me Red
  • Superstar Nail Lacquer in Uptown Girl
  • Superstar Nail Lacquer in Teterboro Teal
I have never heard about this nail polish brand before and I can't wait to try them all! I will be doing swatches later because I just did my nail. Thank you Celly!

My coupons from P&G Brand Saver

$100 off coupon on any new phone from Bell Mobility

$100 Google AdWords gift card: To thank me for using AdSense (even if I never really used it...), Google sent me this $100 gift card to help me advertise my blog.

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