Big Monday Preview -- Missouri v. kansas

Tonight is Big Monday and, for me personally, this is the biggest Big Monday of the year. I don't think it's a shock to anyone that's been around here very long that I'm a big Missouri Tigers fan. And tonight is The Border War. MU v. ku. One of the greatest rivalries in all of college sports.

I know that my Tigers are big underdogs tonight (and rightfully so), but this rivalry is big enough that records mean nothing. Yeah that's stupid cliche, but it's true. These two teams hate each. From the very core of their beings. So one team could come in winless and win in the other guy's building while the other is ranked #1 in the country. Not saying we're going to win tonight, but it could happen.

Plus, Cole Aldrich looks like Lurch and Sherron Collins is a sex criminal. There, I said it.


kansas jayhawks

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