Outback Bowl -- Northwestern v. Auburn

We've finally made it to the New Year's Day bowls. Though I'm still not sure why the Outback Bowl is played on New Year's Day. Speaking of Outback, does every fan get a Bloomin' Onion with their paid admission? If they don't it's a travesty!

As far as the football game goes, MEH. Neither team really jumps out at me, but I like Pat Fitzgerald and what he gets out of his team. They are never going to be pretty, but they play their butts off and smack you in the mouth from the word go. Auburn, as usual, is a complete under-achiever. I just don't understand how this team continues to be mediocre. They'll make a bowl game most years, but they just won't deliver on the promise. Gotta be frustrating for Auburn fans. But take solace, your cheerleaders are stupid hot!



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