Tennessee Cheerleaders Feel Jilted

14 months. That's how long Lane Kiffin lasted at Tennessee before he bolted for the sunshine and glamour of the USC job yesterday. What did Kiffin accomplish in those 14 months to earn one of the best coaching gigs in all of college football:
  • 7-6 record in his one season
  • His best game: a 2 point loss at Alabama
  • Got destroyed by Virginia Tech in the Chick-fil-A Bowl
  • Accused Urban Meyer of cheating after he'd had the job for about 8 hours
  • Committed a slew of minor NCAA violations
  • "Disciplined" a couple of armed robbers
So I can totally see why USC would want this guy. I see USC running aground in about 3 seasons.

But have faith Tennessee fans, you still have a top notch recruiting class coming in (assuming the big guns don't jump ship now) and you have some top notch cheerleaders.

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