BCS National Championship Game -- Texas v. Alabama

It's finally here. We've only been waiting for just over a month since the SEC and Big 12 Championship games to see Alabama and Texas take the field to decide the BCS champion. With all due respect to Boise State, the winner of this game is the national champion. No if, ands or buts about it.

And I have to admit that I'm fairly excited about this game. You've got Alabama trying to beat the Longhorns and the Heisman curse. And you've got Tejas trying to prove the Big 12 actually can win a big time bowl game. Unfortunately, this game probably won't live up to the hype and will struggle to be as good as last night's GMAC Bowl (which I mistakenly bashed yesterday).

Regardless, tonight is the last college football game for 8 months. So enjoy it as much as possible because all we can do after tonight is argue about whose recruiting class is better, which young WR is the next Julio Jones and which Tennessee player will be the next to be arrested (my money is on Bryce Brown, by the way).



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