Sigma F45 Buffer Brush

Ideal to apply mineral foundation, loose or pressed powders. Also great to buff colors and obtain a soft, blended look. Natural bristles.

Sigma absolutely knows how to make us feel appreciated. Just look at that pretty packaging:

So cute and thoughtful!

Sigma F45 is a very cute and tiny kabuki brush. From the look of it on blogs, I thought it would be bigger, but it's actually a nice size.

Comparison with my hand

When I first received this brush, I tried it with everything from foundation, blush and bronzer, and because the bristles are so densely packed, I have found it works better with loose powders because it packs on so much products! You can still use it with pressed powders such as blush or bronzer but be careful not to overdo it. It's also great if you're stuck with a blush that isn't very pigmented.

I use the F45 mainly to apply my loose foundation because it provides a natural and dewy finish, but it's also great to buff some harsh lines to soften your overall look.

This brush is not the softest I own, but it's not the worst either. I'm always on the fence regarding natural bristles as synthetic bristles tend to be much softer and, of course, cruelty-free - even though Annie from Sigma told me that they make sure animals are not harmed during the harvesting of their coat.

The Sigma F45 retails for $19 on the Sigma website.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review, I am affiliated with this company and the fact that the product was free absolutely does not influence my opinion.

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