Guest Post: Pamper Yourself On A Budget

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Trying to live on a tight budget is great for your finances, but not always so good for your motivation and esteem. It is important sometimes to treat yourself to a little TLC, so here are a few ideas how you can pamper yourself a little without breaking the bank. Combine one or more suggestion for best relaxation.


Eating a little bit of chocolate can actually be good for you! (Eating a lot is definitely not though) Plan an evening to yourself, sit in at home and lock the doors, unplug the phone and sit on the couch enjoying some rich dark chocolate. It’s simple but you can’t beat it!

Eat in

Why not ship the kids off to grandmas and get your better half to cook you a nice romantic meal? Something healthy but filling and above all else tasty. A glass of wine and some candles will complete the atmosphere and you are sure to enjoy the quality time together with no distractions. Join in with the cooking if you want to, safe if the knowledge that you don’t have to.

Rent a movie

Going out is over-rated and sometimes the best things in life are the less adventurous ones. Why not rent your favourite movie and spend an evening curled up on the sofa in front of the fire? You can either cuddle up with your beloved or invite your close friends over and eat popcorn.

Foot spa

Your feet are the one part of your body which take all of the punishment on a daily basis and they rarely get a rest, especially if you lead a hectic lifestyle. So rather than paying for an expensive massage, why not give yourself a foot spa? All you need is a bowl of warm water, some essential oils and a pumice and you can create a spa experience in your own living room.


Nothing feels better than hot water and bubble bath, but for the best results you have to make the effort. Light some candles, put on some relaxing music and fill the bath with hot bubbly water. Spend an hour or so relaxing and soaking in the warmth.

Pro Tip: Combine this with suggestion number 2 and let hubby cook you something nice whilst you soak!

Face masks

It may be cliché, but there are few simple pleasures as fun as having your girly friends come over for a face mask. All you need is a cheap face mask from the store and some slices of cucumber. A glass of Pimms and some snacks helps too though.

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