Game of the Week: #20 Auburn v. #1 LSU

I'm calling this the game of the week, but don't really expect it to be much of a game. I think LSU is head and shoulders above just about every other team in this country except Alabama and maybe Oklahoma. But with the suspension of 2 more LSU starters and the Game of the Year with Bama on the horizon, Auburn might be able to sneak into Baton Rouge and pull off a stunner.

The battle of the cheerleaders also has the potential to be a great one. Both squads are full of Southern Belles, but I get the feeling the girls from Baton Rouge might just have a bit of a wilder side than the Tiger cheerleaders. Though I would love to be proven wrong!

And let's not forget the battle of the coeds. That's why we have Poon of the SEC!



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