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I don't feel comfortable talking a lot about my personal life here even though I know a lot of you ladies appreciate when a blogger does it, but I don't know, I guess I just don't want to be boring? That's why I thought it would be fun to do this little tag, I hope you will find it at least a little interesting!

22 already... I feel so old... I don't want to grow up!

Bed size 
Double and I would love a queen someday because the boyfriend and I barely fit in it together!

Chore you hate
I hate all chores, I'm sooooo lazy!

 They are the love of my life! They are seriously a man's best friend, I always say that if you have not loved a dog, a part of your heart has never opened. I missed my beloved golden retriever Balou who passed away last summer ):

RIP my baby ♥

Essential start of your day
That's an easy one... COFFEE!

Favourite colour
Yellow, such an happy color (:

Gold or silver
I'm not sure, I think it really depends on the kind of object. Gold seems to look tacky more easily though in my opinion, but I do know that it looks better on my skintone.

5' 5''

Instruments I play
I used to play the guitare a little some years ago but I stopped simply because of a lack of motivation. I seem to have this problem a lot in my life...

Job Title
... blogger? LOL I wish! I have a temporary part-time job at a Halloween store and I'm studying translation in University full time.


Montreal, QC, Canada

Mum's name

Gab (how original, isn't it?)

Pet peeve
People who are rude for no reason, people who are always glued to their $(&*/%;@¢ phone, people who can't drive... I could go on and on, I don't call myself a misanthrope for nothing! 

Quote from a movie
"Hakuna matata!", - The Lion King

Right or left handed
Right handed.

Two younger brothers -_-

Me, drunk? Nooooo...

Time you wake up
When I don't have to wake up for school I like to wake up really late (:

Lace, sheer, leopard print...

Vegetables you dislike
I'm not sure I really dislike a vegetable.

What makes you run late
I'm never late, but if I am, it's because of things out of my control like traffic, a late bus, subway or train, etc.

X-rays you've had done
My teeth at the dentist.

Yummy food you make
I hate to cook except for desserts (:

Zoo animal
Tigers! Is there something more beautiful than tigers? But don't go to the zoo, they are awful!

Pictures that are not mine are from weheartit

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