KIM Professional Makeup Brushes

KIM Brushes is the long anticipated professional make-up offering from the storied fine art brushmaker Rekab. 
For the last one hundred years, professional artists have relied on Rekab to produce brushes using the highest quality materials and an un-paralleled attention to detail. Continuing with this tradition and in conjunction with some of the top make-up schools in Italy, Rekab is proud to announce the KIM line - a line of make-up brushes for professionals.

I have never heard of KIM Brushes before but when I was given the opportunity to try some of their brushes, I jumped at the chance. You can never have to many makeup brushes, can you?

A large round brush designed specifically for application of wet make-up. The white synthetic and soft hair combination allows for maximum color and liquid retention.

Comparison with Sigma F50

I use stipple brushes mostly to apply liquid or cream foundation or blush, and I find this one does a great job. The hair could have been a little more dense though, but it is really soft. The main difference with Sigma F50 is that the one from KIM is more oval than round, but I guess this will be easily corrected after a few washes,

A flat angular brush, perfect for precise lines and detailed work. Emphasizing lining and shaping of the eyes and the eyebrows.

Comparison with EcoTools Angled Eyeliner Brush and Sigma F65

Compared with EcoTools Angled Eyeliner Brush and Sigma F65, KIM E131 is the softest angled brush I have. I use it to apply eyeshadow or liner to my lower lash line, but I find it's not stiff enough to use on my brows. Because it is so soft but still relatively dense, it works great to smudge eyeshadow or eyeliner along the lashline.

A flat, tipped brush, for precise lining of the lip contour and for perfect application of lip cream and gloss.
Honestly, this is the first lip brush I have ever used and unless you are a makeup artist, I don't think it's a must have. The bristles are not as stiff as what I was expecting - in fact, they are really soft - and I find that because of that, the brush is not the most precise. Also, the L311 doesn't pick up a lot of product, but then again, maybe it's due to my lack of experience with such brush. I guess it works fine, even though I rarely reach for it.

Be sure to have a look at KIM Professional Makeup website to get a FREE makeup bag from BAGGU with $50 purchase, and also follow them on Twitter and "like" them on Facebook.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.

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