L'Oréal Féria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Color in 40 Espresso (Natural Deeply Brown)

Féria absolutely masters the art of shimmering prismatic colour. Its advanced Silk & Shimmers Deep Conditiong hydrates and conditions week after week. Plus, an aromatic scent for a pleasant colouring experience. 
Inspired by cutting-edge fashion, Féria's prismatic colour spectrum is custom blended by L'Oréal master colorists to make every shade shimer with X3 highlights. 

After my bad experience with L'Oréal Féria Power Reds, I decided to make a complain to L'Oréal and they sent me a coupon for a free box of hair dye of my choice. I kept hearing great things about L'Oréal Féria range in general but I never purchased a box because they are rarely on sale, so I decided to give the "natural" color a chance, and I opted for the darkest brown I could find, 40 Espresso, also called Natural Deeply Brown.

I don't remember the last hair dye I used to conceal the red (I forgot to post about it), but I remember I was in a rush, hence the poor results - I forgot to coat some of the hair in my bangs in the dye, so they were left an ugly orangey-blonde that only got worst when I spent my days in the sun. Not to mention that my roots were paler than the rest of my hair, despite me choosing the darkest brown I could find, as usual.

At first I thought the color was not as dark as I usually like it to be, but I think it has grown on me because now I quite like it. You can see in the "after" picture that the dye did cover my orangey-blonde bangs, but you can still see some red shines through, and it only gets worst in the sun. If you look closely, my roots seem lighter than the rest of my hair, and this time, it's not because I messed up! Maybe I should have opted for Midnight Sky, which is a natural soft black... Anyway, it doesn't bother me that much though as I think the result looks pretty natural, even on my pale skintone.

Can you see the annoying reddish tones where the sun hits my hair?

I didn't notice anything different from the previous hair dyes I have tried, not to mention the scent was still strongly chemical despite the Aromatic Shimmer Serum.  I also wish they had a proper dark brown color. I would say it's a good hair dye, but not enough to justify its steep price for my tight student budget.

Other Féria shades:

And the winner of my Glymm Box giveaway is...

Halifax! Congrats!

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