Game of the Day Part 1: #3 Oregon v. #4 LSU

What a huge game to start the season. I can't believe these team agreed to open the season against each other. But it's great for the fans. A Top 5 match-up in week 1 of the season is really a treat. Not to mention the fact that we have last year's runner-up in this game. I think the Ducks are set to have a big year.

Sure some of the shine has worn off the game due to suspension of LSU's starting QB Jordan Jefferson, but there is still enough firepower left for this to be a must see game. Of course I'm talking about the cheerleaders! This game features 2 of the hottest cheer squads in all of college football. This is like the Super Bowl of college cheerleader battles. I'm almost scared to turn on the TV and experience this much hotness in one game. But I'll do it, in the name of blogging.



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