Game of the Week: #3 Alabama v. #12 Florida

There are a ton of great games this week. We're actually going to preview the #8 Nebraska v. #7 Wisconsin game tomorrow. But don't forget about #11 Virginia Tech v. #13 Clemson and #14 Texas A&M v. #18 Arkansas in their SEC preview battle.

But this battle of SEC powerhouses is the showdown of the week. Florida is actually surprising me a little bit this year. We all knew they would be good, but they've honestly been better than I expected in the post-Urban Meyer era. But that doesn't mean a damn thing when Alabama comes rolling into town. You know The Swamp is going to be rocking for this prime time kick-off.

We also know the cheerleaders are going to be prime. This is a heavyweight battle on the sidelines, as well. No telling which team really has the upper-hand when it comes to cheerleaders. I'll let you be the judge of that.



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