Thursday Night Football Cheerleader Preview -- #7 Nebraska v. Kansas State

Two undefeated teams meet up in Manhattan, KS tonight to get an early jump on the competition for the Big 12 North Division. Honestly, I think both of these teams are overrated. Nebraska is a good squad, but Top 10 in the country? Really? What exactly have they done to earn that ranking? They beat a God-awful Washington team and a bunch of really bad teams. I guess that is a Top 10 resume these days.

And Kansas State is still, somehow, riding the Bill Snyder wave to respect. Daniel Thomas is outstanding, but that's it. There is nothing else on that team that is in any way scary. But I guess having an 80 year old coach that had some good teams 15 years ago is enough to earn respect. Regardless, we're going to find out which one of these teams is a bigger fraud tonight.



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