Mail: Marcelle AC Solution Anti-Imperfections kit

In this post, I was telling you that I won a contest from Marcelle Cosmetics. Well, my prize arrived wednesday, along with my November issue of Clin d'Oeil:

AC-Solution Purifying Foaming Cleanser
Cleanses and refines pores for healthy skin

AC-Solution Purifying Foaming Cleanser gently unclogs and refines pores as it cleans skin at a deep level. For a wonderfully healthy and fresh-looking complexion.

AC-Solution Clarifying Lotion
Refreshes the skin as it tones down shine

AC-Solution Clarifying Lotion gently tones and purifies to help skin regain its natural radiance.

AC-Solution Oil-Free Moisturizing Regulating Lotion
A light lotion to moisturize where needed while preventing shine

Like a soothing balm, it gently moisturizes while controlling sebum production where it’s most needed. Oil-prone areas are left wonderfully matte, while drier areas are superbly hydrated.

AC-Solution Blemish Control
Targets blemishes for a more even complexion

Eliminates skin imperfections, where and when most needed. It targets blemishes while calming the skin, enabling it to regain a more even appearance.

I'm excited to try those products! But first, I have two face cleansers, a toner and a face moistrurizer to "pan".

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