Peta2 "Free for All" shirt by Atticus

In my previous "Mail of the week" post, I showed you my new Peta2 "Free for All" shirt by Atticus that I redeemed with my 13500 Street Team points. Here are some more pictures:

Peta2 has teamed up with our friends at Atticus to bring you our hottest new tee, available in both fitted and standard sizes. Even more exciting is that you're just a few clicks and 20 bucks away from rocking "Free for All" '80s-style!

100% pre-shrunk cotton

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

I ordered it in Girly Small, and I love it, it fits great and the colors look awesome against the black font. I was also pleased to see the Peta2 logo on the back of the shirt.

This shirt (along with the others redeemable with Street Team points) are also available to buy in the PETA Catalog for $20, which is quite a great deal in my opinion. But hey, why pay when you can get if for free while helping animals?

Here are some other interesting items that you can get with your Street Team points:

Club Soda, Not Seals T-shirt
Every year, during Canada's war on seals, hundreds of thousands of baby seals are killed for their skin in the most horrific ways imaginable. Who could possibly club a baby seal? It doesn't make sense to us either! This year, you can take a stand against the seal slaughter with our "Club Soda, Not Seals" fitted T-shirt, custom made for peta2.

"Change Everything" Silicone Wristband
In the style of silicone wristbands recently made popular by a variety of celebrities and causes, peta2's simple black writstband states, "Change everything".

  Cut Class, Not Frogs Shirt
Our updated "Cut Class, Not Frogs" shirt! Unisex is blue. Girly sizes in yellow.
Four peta2 Buttons
A set of four 1" diameter buttons. Featuring I Am Not a Nugget; Love Me, Don't Eat Me, Powered By Tofu; and Cut Class, Not Frogs.

 "Meat Sucks" shirt by Drop Dead Clothing
Yes, meat sucks and the best way to say it is with our brand-new peta2 T-shirt featuring an in-your-face design by Drop Dead Clothing! Available in both standard and fitted sizes. 

  "Not a Nugget" Magnet
Can't get enough of the "I Am Not a Nugget" chick? Lucky for you, neither can we! So we've created this brand-new 3¼"-by-5¼" magnet that's the perfect size for sticking just about anywhere! Put it on your car, fridge, locker, or filing cabinet or anywhere else that you can think of. Let this cute baby chick remind people that chickens are more than the sum of their parts!

 peta2 "Free for All" shirt by Dirty Shirty
Show some love for peta2 and our animal-friendly pals at Dirty Shirty by wearing this awesome new “Free for All” collaboration T-shirt available in both fitted and standard sizes. 

 peta2 logo decals
Two of the cutest peta2 decals ever

 Set of "Powered by Tofu" and "Love Me, Don't Eat Me" Decals
One of each of peta2's most popular decals. Each measures 4 x 4. A great size for sticking just about anywhere! 

Set of three PETA lip balms
Gone are the days when all lip balms were full of beeswax. PETA's new balms that are sure to remind everyone that animal abuse is nothing to smile about. This set includes these 3 lip-smacking flavors: "No S'more Animal Testing," Animals Out of the Act" Tangerine, and "Viva Las Vegans" Vanilla Bean.

 Join Peta2's Street Team to earn free shirts, pins, and other merchandise for helping animals! It's all FREE!

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