I Want a Blender... And I Need Your Help!

I've been contemplating getting a blender for some times now as I would love to make my own smoothies. That way, I will eat more healthily (I don't eat enough fruits) and it will comes in handy in the morning when I'm in a rush before school. I decided to check out the wide selection available at CSN Stores as I've had positive experiences with them. As you might know from some of my previous posts, CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find everything from stylish shoes, to swing set, or great cookware.

I need your help because it's the first time I shop for a blender and I'm lost in all of the options!

At first, I was really interested in one of those stick hand blenders that seem so practical, like this one:

But the thing with those kind of blenders is that I'm worrying they won't be powerful enough. I will use it mainly to make smoothies so I need it to be able to perfectly crunch ice and fruits.

I'm also curious about the Magic Bullet:

My friend Sara owns one and she says it works well to make baby food and smoothies, and she likes that you can prepare whatever you want directly in the mugs. My worry here is if the mugs are big enough or not to hold all of the ingredients...

I'm also tempted to go for a more traditional blender, like this one:

This is actually my first choice, as Oster is a well-known brand, and out of the three blenders listed in this post, this one gets the best reviews on the net. I'm tempted to play safe and go for it!

I woud love to know your opinion. Have you tried a stick hand blender before? Or the Magic Bullet? Do you have any recommendation? Haver any good smoothie recipes? Thank you very much!

Pictures are from CSN Stores.

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