LSU Cheerleader Kelly Forms College Cheerleader Heaven's First Sister Act

As a special Weekly Winner, I thought I would congratulate LSU on their big win over Alabama Saturday night. It may not have been pretty, but defensive battles never are. Regardless, congrats Tiger fans. Now enjoy Kelly.

Back in June I had 2 posts featuring Miami of Ohio cheerleader Kristen (here and here). At the end of the first post was a picture of her little sister Kelly. I told you then that Kelly was about to start her first year cheering down at LSU. And as promised, I have some pictures of Kelly cheering for the Tigers.

So that makes Kristen & Kelly our first set of sisters that aren't multiples. Of course, who could forget the smokin' hot FIU twins and the ridiculous South Alabama triplets. Those sisters are in a class of their own, but these two Midwestern hotties take a different piece of the pie.

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