Tag: 3's of Me

I've been tagged by the pretty Chelsey! Thank you (=

Tag: the 3's of Me

Three names I go by:

Gaby, Gab, Gaby-Chou

Three jobs I have had:

assistant manager (Ultramar Corner Store), gas station attendant (OLCO), clerk (EGP TechnoVirtuel)

Three places I have lived:

 I have lived only in Canada!

Three favorite drinks:


 iced tea

 Singapore Sling

Three TV shows I watch:

 Gossip Girl



Three places I have been:

 New-Brunswick, South Carolina, New Jersey

Three places I would like to visit:

 New-York, Texas, California

Three people who text (or bbm) me regularly:

I don't have the text messaging feature on my cell phone =P

Three favorite old TV shows:



 Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Three favorite dishes:

 General Tao Chicken



Three makeup/beauty products I cannot live without:

HG: Maybelline Lash Siletto

HG: Lancôme Juicy Tubes

 face cream 
HG: Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Daily Regenerating Moisure Cream

Three things I'm looking forward to:

going clubbing, getting drunk, and the stupid strike at Uni to stop!

Three people I tag:


Pictures are from Google Images.

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